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Urban Wellness Zone Spa

Urban Wellness Zone SPA designed by a famous Italian architect Antonio Citterio is located on the basement floor of SO/ St. Petersburg and features facials and body treatments based on a famous Italian cosmetic brand Comfort Zone, different massages, nail care, hairstyling and make-up. There are 6 treatment rooms, spacious changing rooms with individual lockers fitted with comfortable slippers and bathrobes, a finnish sauna and a stylish lounge with a fresh selection of modern lifestyle editions. Access to the relaxation zone with a hammam, jazuzzi, crystal clear swimming pool and a rainsky shower is complimentary for all hotel guests, and a welcome glass of sparkling champagne, natural lemonade and incredibly delicious homemade brownies will make you instantly leave all the stress and jetlag behind.
  • body-signature

    Body Signature

    The massage session begins with paraffin wrap of your feet enabling to prepare your body for total relax. Unique massage with unforgettable feelings is an ideal choice for the first try of Urban Wellness Zone services....

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  • thermal-detoxication-bagni-di-pisa

    Thermal Detoxication Bagni di Pisa™

    Bagni Di Pisa seaweed mask with thermal water and a mixture of essential oils: detoxification - anti-cellulite and lipolytic action, nutrition and strengthening of the body skin.

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  • body-care-by-charme-dorient

    BODY CARE by Charme D'Orient

    Exotic aromatic oils and extracts applied to the skin after peeling throughout the body nourish the skin and fill it with fabulous aroma and energy, and relaxing massage will help relieve tension in the muscles and reduce their...

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  • active-deluxe-lifting-archi-liftim

    Active Deluxe Lifting Archi-Liftim

    Complex acids, modular peels, innovative peptide peeling mask, lifting massage ACTIVE LIFE for the multi level correction of age changes of the skin.

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  • urban-longevity

    Urban Longevity

    This special treatment for your face - an effective solution to various problems. You will get: fresh skin color, smooth radiance and higher skin tone, fortified oval face, good health and a surge of strength.

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