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The Restaurant

BIO MY BIO by Matilda Shnurova is not just a simple restaurant focused on healthy food, it is a project dedicated to fast growing awareness. The main idea of the project is best summarized by our philosophy.

It is well reflected throughout all the details – from the ingredients on the plate to the interior elements and packaging made from environmentally friendly recyclable materials.

The BIO MY BIO healthy eating formula gives you the freedom to choose products and dishes, only one rule remains unchanged – no sugar, no gluten, no lactose.

The restaurant prefers to use local and seasonal products, minimizes the heat treatments in the kitchen and reduces the limits the usage of sauces.

In addition, BIO MY BIO pays special attention to healthy drinks: the menu includes pineapple and apple kvass, khombucha, a wide range of smoothies and fresh juices, as well as biodynamic wines and organic beer.


    Вознесенский проспект 6
    Tel: +7 962 710 70 00
    Fax: +78123156021

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